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Essential Pool Chemicals & Spa Equipment

Find everything you need to keep your pool in excellent condition at Rice Pool & Spa in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. Our associates offer the highest-quality chemicals and equipment to ensure your pool and spa remain in good condition year-round.

Equipment & Accessories

Our professionals install and service any equipment that we offer, including:

• Automatic Cleaning Equipment
• Automatic Sanitizers
• Winter Covers
• Heaters
• Pumps
• Filters
• Solar Covers
• Pool Liners
Large Pool - Pool Chemicals

Chemical Sales

Whether you own a swimming pool or a spa tub, we have the chemicals and water testing services that ensure your water is clean and hygienic. Our store offers a variety of sanitizers, including Ozone, UV, chlorine, and non-chlorine sanitizers.

Name-Brand Quality

In addition, our team offers a selection of chlorine-based products by Synergy Chemicals™. We also utilize BioLab® products by Omni®, a well-known chemical manufacturer.

Contact us to keep the water in your pool or spa crystal-clear with our state-of-the-art chemicals and equipment.